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Our Sports News Website Directory is a comprehensive list of online news websites that feature the latest sports developments from around the world.

Furthermore, we continually update each sports news website directory listing to ensure that you are only getting the latest sports news from the most reliable sources online.

sports news directory

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List of Sports News Websites

Black Chip Poker
Gambling Genre:
Telephone: 1-877-314-4195
Gambling Genre: ,
Description: provides trustworthy and accurate news every day, including political news, sports, gambling, entertainment, and more.
Bleacher Report
Gambling Genre:
Description: Bleacher Report is one of the younger, online-only sports news providers. They are widely popular in the US, and are also gaining a lot of attention worldwide. They cover majority of US sports, some European sports like soccer, and other international events.
Telephone: 1-415-777-5505
BBC Sport
Gambling Genre:
Description: BBC Sport is one of the most popular sports news channels in the UK, and the world. Their content is different from US-based news outlets, as they tend to cover English sports. Soccer is one of the top sports that this news channel covers. They also cover events from racing, horse racing, cricket, and more. 
CNN Sport
Gambling Genre:
Description: What started as a news segment in the news, CNN sport is now one of the largest sports news networks around the globe. They are available through multiple platforms, and are accessible from all over the world.
Gambling Genre:
Description: ESPN is one of the world's most trusted names in the sports news industry. Many sportsbook news sites use ESPN as one of their sources, as they are one of the fastest to report accurate data from the most popular sports across the world. 
Telephone: 00 1 888-549-3776
한국 라이브 스포츠
Gambling Genre:
Description: 한국 라이브 스포츠에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 모든 주요 한국 스포츠 연맹에 대한 한국 스포츠 뉴스 및 정보의 출처입니다.