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Win More MLB Bets by Using Multiple Sportsbooks in 2023

Multiple Sportsbooks Will Give Bettors More Chance at Success at MLB Bets Major League Baseball (MLB) season is upon us. Are you looking to get your sports betting career off the ground by winning more MLB bets? Using multiple sportsbooks could be the key in helping...

Dan Straily Returns to the Giants, Replacing Glenn Sparkman

The Lotte Giants announced it waived Glenn Sparkman on Sunday. Also, Dan Straily returns to the Giants as Sparkman’s replacement. According to baseball betting sources, Straily signed a $400,000 deal with the team. Straily left the Giants at the end of 2021. He spent...

MLB Trade deadline was all we could expect and more

Many Good Moves at MLB Trade Deadline It’s that time of the year again, the MLB All-Star week is well behind, we’re well into the second half of the regular season, and teams are now looking forward to getting all the help they can and finish off their season as...

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Ryu Hyun-jin Aims for 6th Win

Ryu Hyun-jin Aims for 6th Win

Our baseball news posts may be filled with updates on Ryu Hyun-jin – but his popularity is well worth it. Most baseball betting pick posts on the Los Angeles Dodgers always include Ryu as well. Because betting on baseball is guided by a lot of things, history, venue,...

NC Dinos Sign Eric Butler

NC Dinos Sign Eric Butler

The NCO Dinos Sign Eric Butler, a former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs in a $1 million dollar contract. According to Korean sports news, the right-handed pitcher will also be receiving a $200,000 signing bonus. Thus, Butler is now the second MLB player to become part...