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What are Fun Things to do when you are Online?

When you’re sick and tired, the internet is a great place to find fun and meeting activities to pass the time. There are thousands of websites and online games that can keep you entertained for hours on end. Then are some of the stylish things to do when you find...

Anticipated Bally’s Chicago Deal Received Backlash

Many sources expect Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to announce a partnership with Bally’s Corporation to construct a casino in the city. However, the anticipated Bally’s Chicago deal received backlash from elected officials and residents. Lightfoot’s...

Legislators Tackle Alabama Gambling Bills

Alabama gambling bills are running out of time, with only seven days left in the 2022 session. Supporters of the bills are trying their best to get approval from their colleagues. However, time is not on their side. Gambling and lottery should come up at meetings of...

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How to Pick a Sportsbook

How to Pick a Sportsbook

Picking the Correct Sportsbook is a Must Have you ever wondered how to pick a sportsbook? Here’s a few tips on how to choose the correct sportsbook. Key Points Choosing a sportsbook is one of the most important decisions a bettor faces. Picking a sportsbook is easier...

Betting the 2022 Winter Olympics

Betting the 2022 Winter Olympics

Are you thinking about betting the 2022 Winter Olympics? Here’s a look at how we see it. Key Points Bettors will be able to bet on traditional winter sports as well as some new ones in the 2022 Winter Olympics. The most popular Winter Olympics wagers are related to...

Bookie Cuts Odds of Resignation of Boris Johnson

Bookie Cuts Odds of Resignation of Boris Johnson

A major bookie cuts odds that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign this week. Betfair offered odds of 7/1 that Boris Johnson resigns after the backlash for attending a party during the lockdown. According to pay per head reports, the short chances imply assuming...

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