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2024 NFL Pro Bowl Guide

When you are learning how to be a bookie, you will discover just how popular and lucrative football betting is. And when it comes to NFL betting, everything is fair game. From futures bets, to live betting, prop bets and more, your sportsbook will be kept full of...

Lee Kang-in will miss the September Friendlies

Earlier last week, coach Klinsmann was feeling luck as he was preparing for a pair of friendly matches in September. However, this feeling luck may be about to disappear as Lee Kang-in will miss the September Friendlies. According to the latest sports news, this is...

How PASPA Has Affected the State of the Underdog in 2023

How PASPA Repeal Has Changed Sports Gambling in the USA Interestingly, the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, has had a tremendous effect on the role of the state of the underdog. Since the Supreme Court’s decision to...

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