DraftKings New Partnership Allows to Stream Some International Leagues

DraftKings New Partnership Allows to Stream Some International Leagues

DraftKings’ new partnership deal with Sportradar allows its bettors access to stream some international leagues. DraftKings is looking to capitalize on the lack of domestic athletic competitions according to gambling news. It is while postponing for the return for the fuller sports calendar.

The DraftKings new partnership allows its customers to select states with more than $0 wallet balance to live stream sports. It includes Germany’s Bundesliga soccer association and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

Who Are Eligible to Stream with DraftKings New Partnership Deal?

The company states, with DraftKings’ new partnership, geological customers in all jurisdictions except Iowa are eligible to stream the games. The bettors can access the live stream through its DraftKings mobile application as per topics on a sports forum.

The firm is operational in nine states, including the Hawkeye State. It has physical sportsbooks in Mississippi and New York but does not offer mobile betting in those states.

Introduction of In-Game Betting

The DraftKings deal with Sportsradar could speed the gaming company’s push into the fast-growing in-game betting market. It highlights the opportunities in live wagering, specifically pointing to baseball and soccer. It is ideal for in-game wagering because the games move at a slower pace than basketball or hockey.

Also, live streaming by legal sports betting operators has become increasingly popular in Europe and around the world. The 75% oh UK bookmakers, offering betting odds, its revenue is derived from in-game betting. It is underscoring the relationship between in-game wagering and live-streaming.

Alternative for Domestic Sports Leagues

DraftKings New Partnership Allows to Stream Some International LeaguesDraftkings’ move in offering alternative domestic sports is very sensible. It is with the American bettors starve for action due to the wake of the coronavirus. The step to provide KBO broadcasts will have the company take bets on its games. Many gamblers are embracing the Korean baseball league while waiting for MLB to start its 2020 season.

The Bundesliga is practical as well as the German league is the first of the major European football groups to return in action. DraftKings customers can also wager on their matches.

In a joint statement, DraftKings and Sportsradar specifically mention a US league to be added on the streaming roster. However, NASCAR is up and running, and NHL was announcing a format for the conclusion of its 2019-20 season.


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