How can you establish your PricePerHead business?

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Establishing Your PricePerHead Business Can be Tricky

The priceperhead industry has been in business for a long time and they are the most trusted source for finding an online presence. They are also the most affordable source.

Local bookies are always looking for a better way to do business. We won’t lie to you and tell you that this bookie business is easy. What we will tell you is that you can find a better way to do business and a much better way to increase your profit levels.

A Checklist for Finding Your PricePerHead

  • First: Do some research and find out who the best per head gaming providers are. There are many of them and “many of the many” claim to be the best. Many will offer you a rock bottom price and try to lure you in with $2 per head. Look: In this business, you get what you pay for.
  • Don’t fall for the tricks. They will be smooth talkers and they will make it sound as if you’re getting a Mercedes for pennies on the dollar. Anybody that has ever done any kind of business in their life knows this scheme and we all know that purchasing shoes at a discount retailer are the cheap way to go… the question is, how long will those shoes last and will they be comfortable?
  • Find a great bookie forum and find reviews. The best pay per head providers like A1pph charge in the neighborhood of $7-$10 per head, per week. There is no reason to spend a pile of money but beware of the low ball offers.
  • Many folks have the idea that starting a bookie service with a PPH requires a great deal of money and that a huge investment is required. This is not true. You do not need to be wealthy and you do not need a huge bankroll. Don’t misunderstand, a nice bankroll helps. The bankroll is to establish what kind of limits you are going to set for your clients. Can you afford to take any bet the client wants to place or does your limit need to be set at $20?
  • Folks also tend to believe that “bookie experience” is a must. This is also not true. You do not need to be a line mover or oddsmaker. Most local bookies have never worked for a sportsbook, worked I Vegas, or for an offshore bookie. Most local bookies were gamblers at one time, and this is where they gain their knowledge.
  • The PPH provider sets up the local bookie for success by offering all of the bells and whistles. They will do your job for you. The bookie software is the online sportsbook. What they do is offer it to you on a desktop or mobile application. It’s easy to use and it comes with a fantastic user interface, that’s stacked with a vast wagering menu that your clients will love.
  • The PPH also accepts all wagers either online or over the phone. No longer will you battle the idea of clients calling you all hours of the day and night. To boot, you are offering a 24/7 service that comes fully staffed with a customer care team that speaks English and is accessible by way of an 800 number.
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  • The PPH sets the daily events on an organized and easy to read web page that clients will love and feel as if they are on any other gaming site. The competition will have nothing on you. All they have is the name and that means a lot but not to your clients.
  • The PPH sets all of the day’s lines and odds including side bets, totals, futures, politics, lotto, and more. They leave you with the “last word” should you want to change the odds or not like what is set, you have the controls to change them at any time.

Find that great PPH and get moving today. Gamblers are still gambling, and they will love the fact that you have an online casino and racebook. You will love it for the low price and convenience. There isn’t a better way to do business as a bookie then with a pay per head.

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