How to Use a Pay Per Head Service

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Using a Pay Per Head Service is a Necessity

Have you ever wondered how to use a pay per head service?

Most guides discuss pay per head (PPH) features, but today, we’re going to explain how easy it is to actually start an online sportsbook. You just need to partner with the right PPH service.

The First Step is Opening Player Accounts

When you initially join a price per head, the company will handle the set-up phase.

The service you choose should create a website where your players will be able to log-in and place bets in the sportsbook, racebook (horse racing) or even the online casino.

Once you’re set-up, the first step is to open accounts for the players on your betting sheet.

● Tip #1: Your PPH should be able to open the accounts for you as you need them. You’ll only need to provide your players with log-in details, so that they can begin to bet.

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The Next Step is Creating Player Profiles and Limits

Before you can provide log-in credentials to your players, you need to create player profiles.

Most pay per head services will have multiple premade player profiles that you can select. The player profile is essentially a set of rules dictating what that player can bet on and at what odds.

You also need to set the player’s credit and betting limits before allowing them to bet.

Think about the limits carefully. There’s no point giving your friend a $1000 credit limit if they only make a few hundred dollars per week, as your friend will struggle to pay off the debt.

● Tip #2: Player profiles, betting limits and credit limits can all be customized for individual accounts. You don’t need to have the same limits for every player.

Analyze the Data

Once your players are set-up and running, it’s time to start analyzing the data in the reports.

You can’t just sit back and watch the action. There are a number of things you should be doing to increase your overall hold percentage, including studying the real-time reports.

Make use of a pay per head service to handle all of the accounting and financials.

Here are some of the reports that are available:

● Weekly Balance: Details daily balance adjustments for every player in a single report.

● Player Standings: Shows the credit limit, at risk amount and win/loss figures by player.

● Bet Ticker: A live report detailing every single wager by any of your players.

● Financial: There are cash flow, settled figures and numerous other financial reports.

● Agents: If you have sub-agents there are multiple reports tracking their activity.

Using a PPH service is simple and a reputable company will make sure they walk you through all of the steps involved. They’ll also have support reps available to help out 24/7.

If you know you can build a betting sheet with active players, then launching an online sportsbook using a PPH service can turn into a second income with part-time hours.

On the plus side, you also get to watch sports all day!

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