Is the Sports Bettor Always Right?

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Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 06:13 pm

A1 PPH Service and Sports Bettor

Should the Customer (Sports Bettor) Always be Correct in Disputes?

The Sports Bettor, clients, customers, and others always seem to be wanting to take a free shot at the house. Battling it out with clients is something that you’re probably accustomed to, however, there is no excuse to keep putting up with this nonsense. There is a better way and it’s called the pay per head.

Not only will the pay per head fight your battles for you, but they will also do your entire job for you. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while you count your earnings. The best news is this, doing business with a pay per head is no longer expensive like it used to be in the past. What is a fair price per head? The best gambling software providers are now offering their service for around $7-$13, per head, per week. You will get a free, custom-built website and all the perks for a great low price.

· Is the customer always right? In this business, of course not! Here is the problem, we must treat the customer as if they are always right. Gambling is a customer-driven business and we are all nothing without them. We need them, we must have them, and we will go bankrupt without them. What’s the solution?

· Stop fighting your battles alone. The pay per head is there to do it for you. Find a great PPH provider, get online today, and reap the rewards. The PPH is the sportsbook. They are your management team and they will indeed do everything for you. The best PPH providers on the market offer a toll-free number from the United States and they are available 24/7 with English speaking agents.

· It is your job to set the rules of your sportsbook. When you sign on with a PPH, you are the boss of your business and the provider will not get in the way unless they are asked to do so. Most customer disputes are over payouts and bet results. With a PPH, your clients understand they are doing business with a legitimate company that grades all bet slips and gives accurate payout results. If your clients do not understand this, then you must talk with them and let them know that you will indeed work with them to resolve any issues. The best part of all this, they can call the 800-number instead of calling you. Of course, there will be times when they may not agree with the PPH and call you to complain.

A1 PricePerHead is Sports Bettor always Right

· There are times in life when we must face facts; the customer is not always right. We want them to be happy and of course, you don’t want to lose a customer that spends money in your sportsbook. You must make an executive decision, do you throw them a “freebie”? you will have the power to do so, remember, this is your bookmaking business, not the PPH. They do not own your bookie business, you do. You make the rules and what you say goes. The PPH will back you up on paper but sometimes it takes a human touch to make things better. You are the human and your clients most likely know you personally.

· The best per head providers are now offering a three in one package that includes a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. You get all three for the price of one. Along with this service comes accounting. The PPH is your accountant. They place the bets for your client, either on the website or over the phone. You will have 24/7 access to all players and financial reports. You will know where every dollar is being spent and when every dollar walks out the door in payouts.

· Player management is a big deal, you must manage who is winning and losing at all times. You must keep your players happy, yes, even when they are losing. A bookie’s job is not always an easy task but it’s certainly much easier with the services of a pay per head.

Call the PPH today and get started with a free gaming website. You will be operational in a few days and you will immediately be earning money. For less than the price of a meal at Five Guys, you have hired a professional management system.