New Jersey Sportsbook Record Hits $800 Million

New Jersey Sportsbook Record Hits $800 Million

Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 06:10 pm

New Jersey announced that it has set a sportsbook record hits $800 million for online and retail sports betting. The state experienced the best month and, so far, the best year on record in terms of sportsbook wagering comparing with any other legal jurisdiction.

According to gambling news website reports, New Jersey surpasses other states in the US for its sports betting activity. It is despite the challenging and unprecedented times brought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

New Jersey Sportsbook Record Hits $800 Million – Top Sports Betting State for 3 Months

New Jersey Sportsbook Record Hits $800 MillionFor three consecutive months, the Golden State has set another monthly taking as its sportsbook record hits $800 million. It’s following a strong month in October 2020, according to analysts at PlayNJ. Also, online and retails betting figures are up more than sixty percent compared with the same period last year.

Even with the disruption caused by the Coronavirus crisis, the state of New Jersey continuous to see a steady pace being set in terms of people placing wagers on sports. Last month’s handle was up from around $400 million in 2019 as per Korea live sports sources.

Sports Wagering Percentage

More than ninety percent of wagers on sports betting online. At the same time, football dominating the majority share with baseball in second and basketball betting in third. It is at approximately $90 million and $28 million, respectively.

New Jersey experienced a rise of more than 100% in the casino and poker product sectors compared with the same period as revenue per month hit around $90 million, with the Golden Nugget brand topping the charts at almost $30 million in takings with Borgata in second place at $22 million.

The record-setting place has now continued as even October’s sports scheduled returned to something more resembling normal, which is an excellent sign for the industry’s near-term.


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