New Jersey Train Stations Become Gambling Hubs for New Yorkers

New Jersey Train Stations Become Gambling Hubs for New Yorkers

Last updated on January 9th, 2020 at 04:02 pm

Sports bars near New Jersey train stations are getting a new type of clients in the past couple of months. Also, it is not a surprise that sports betting companies promote their online sportsbooks through events in bars.

New York sports bettors travel via train to New Jersey to wager on sports. They are not meeting friends or drink beers. Instead, they will go to NJ sports bars to place their bets online.

New Jersey has a very thriving sports betting industry. In 2019 alone, players placed more than $4 billion in bets in the state. Also, 80 percent of the bets were made online. Often, players used smartphones near train stations near the New York state border. As a result, New Jersey is now the early leader in sports betting because it gets many off-state customers aside from its residents.

New Jersey Train Stations a Boon to Sports Betting

New Jersey Train Stations Become Gambling Hubs for New YorkersAccording to 888 Holdings, a Gibraltar-based bookie, its biggest markets in New Jersey are Hoboken, Newark, and Jersey City. One thing the three areas have ion common is that they are gateways for people who want to bet on sports working or living in Manhattan.

888 told pay per head services providers that most people made their bets near or within train stations. Some players made bets while waiting for connections. Also, Liberty International Airport saw much betting action within restaurants and bars in terminals.

There’s also a vast number of New Yorkers traveling to New Jersey to wager on sports. There’s a potential for bookies to make much money if New York legalizes sports betting. Also, many entrepreneurs will want to learn how to be a bookie from home if that happens.

On the downside, New York might follow New Jersey’s policy and require online bookie businesses to have a casino partner. That means Douglas Grosse Carara Costa Rica entrepreneur can’t just apply for a license without partnering with a land-based casino.