Watch Your Bookie Business Flourish With Pay Per Head

Pay Per Head Services with RDG Corp

A Quality Pay Per Head can Make or Break a Bookmaker

Pay per head services will undoubtedly help your private bookmaker business flourish.

Key Points

If you are spending too much time on activities that are not building your sportsbook business, it’s time to enlist the services of a quality pay per head service.

With the increase in the number of bettors in the market, there is huge potential for bookies to increase their business.

Now is the time. Watch your bookie business flourish with pay per head. Here’s what a good quality pay per head service can do for you.

Bookie Issues

Bookies face the tough task of turning gaming revenue into a profit. Doing so is difficult because of overhead costs. To provide customers with betting options that cover all the top sports, leagues, major events, and bet types, there is a significant cost involved.

Imagine eliminating those costs. That’s exactly what you can do when you partner with a pay per head service. Bookies can still offer all the betting options to their customers. They just eliminate odds fees and other operational costs. That means more profits for the bookie.


More Efficient With Pay Per Head

Working with a pay per head service will eliminate the old-school methods of doing business. Everything is automated by the PPH software. The modern bookie doesn’t use pen and paper. He offers his customers even more via his website (and possibly an app).

This new model allows a bookie to make greater profits. One of the big reasons why is because the bookie has more time to build his player sheet. With a PPH service, the bookie doesn’t have to chase money or take bets.

All of the administrative duties – including answering the phone – are covered by the PPH service. This frees up time for the bookie to concentrate on growing the business.

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Building the Business

Your bookie business will flourish when you partner with the right pay per head service. It all starts with the appearance of a big-time operation.

The PPH provider will build a professionally designed, fully functional website for the bookie. It is that website that gives the appearance of a high-stakes operation.

Bettors can complete all of their betting business via the website. They can make deposits, check lines and odds, place bets, and more. It’s important that you’re making the most of your PPH site.

Bookies also get around-the-clock customer service support. Players can call in and have their issues taken care of without any action by the bookie. This frees up an incredible amount of time for the bookie.

The bookie can then spend this time focusing on building the business. Increasing the size of the player sheet is one way the bookie can increase profits. Having time allows him to do just that.

Why Pay Per Head

When a bookie partners with a pay per head service, the service does all of the hard work for the bookie. It’s a turnkey sportsbook software solution that operates the business while freeing up the bookie to build the brand and grow the operation.

Bookies can provide action in all of the major sports. European sports, all the major soccer leagues around the world, and even casino and racebook services are available.

There is a complete support system for the bookie that takes care of everything from taking bets to payments and even customer questions.

The best pay per head services offer bookies the ability to manage all of their players online and take the guesswork out of operating a sportsbook. Partnering with the right pay per head service will allow any bookie business to flourish.

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