Anthony Davis Just Want to Play Basketball

Anthony Davis is living his childhood dream. Playing basketball as a career is something he dreamed about as a child. He didn’t expect to be part of Space Jam 2. In fact, he is not interested in off-court branding.

Davis was part of the cast of Space Jam 2 last summer. It gave him a glimpse of LeBron James’ life outside the basketball court. He gained experience in the time and effort needed to perfect something.

Davis described the filming process as frustrating. Actors wait on set until lit is time to shoot their scene. However, he thinks it is cool when everyone on set takes everything seriously. Also, they want to make sure everything’s perfect.

Anthony Davis and Basketball

Anthony Davis Just Want to Play BasketballPeople who want to start a sportsbook will read how to be a bookie for dummies guide. Actors read the script to memorize their lines. For basketball players, they spend a lot of time practicing their skills to be the best in the field.

Although Davis is one of the best rim-protectors in the NBA, he wants to maximize his skill set. Instead of spending the off-season expanding his business portfolio, he spent most of the time in the Lakers’ practice facility.

In fact, he looked for the best routes to the Staples Center and the practice facility. He wants to make sure he has enough time to be where he needs to be. However, it looked like he didn’t figure out the traffic patterns of LA yet. Although he arrived on time for media day last month, Rajon Rondo disciplined him for not showing up early for the event.

Bookie software and sports news archives learned the Lakers’ front office consulted Davis and James about their offseason moves. Also, James asked the coaching staff to make plays revolving around Davis.

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