Sports Bookie News – WADA Wants Russia to Explain Missing Doping Data

The World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA wants Russia to explain missing doping data. WADA found missing positive doping reports from the database sent by Russia. It gave Russia three weeks for the explanation or face another ban from sports.

WADA wants Russia to explain about the missing doping data. If Russia doesn’t provide any explanation, the regulator will ban Russian athletes in the Tokyo Olympics.

Aside from the 2020 Summer Olympics, the ban can extend to other events whose governing body recognizes WADA’s doping code. These include track and field world championships, FIFA World Cup, and more.

Missing Doping Data

Sports Bookie News – WADA Wants Russia to Explain Missing Doping Data Yury Ganus, chief executive of Russia’s anti-doping agency, declined to rule out the possibility of missing doping data. He told online bookie software sites the current situation is the most critical since the start of the crisis.

Sending the database led to the lifting of the ban. However, a new investigation is not good for the Russian sports federation.

As a result of the ban, Russian athletes failed to compete under their own flag during the 2018 Winter Games. If there’s a new investigation on the doping scandal, Russian athletes will compete under a neutral flag during the world track and field championships later this week. If you bet on sports, you will not see athletes under the Russian flag.

There were speculations about the data sent by Russia in recent weeks. During an executive board meeting, board members learned about inconsistencies between the submitted data and the one sent by a whistle-blower in 2017. Also, it is different from data extracted from a Moscow lab.

According to Pay Per Head Reviews, being aware of the latest sports developments is important to becoming a bookie. In fact, a ban on Russian athletes in the Olympics will affect the odds of several sports events in the 2020 Summer Games.

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