Bookie Gives Tips on Soccer Betting

Soccer is the most popular sport across the world. Not only is it more popular across more countries than other sport, but the level of support that soccer fans give to their favorite clubs is very, very high. So much so, that fans across the world would fly to other countries to watch their favorite club or country compete in international tournaments. So today, we want to give you expert advice straight from the experts as a bookie gives tips on soccer betting.

Our Bookie PPH sportsbook owner, Phil (not his real name to protect his privacy), has been into sports betting for decades, and has been a bookie for 15 years. He has followed soccer fans bet on various soccer leagues, and has earned a lot over the last 3 FIFA World Cup championships in his tenure as a bookie. Phil says that his bettors are very much into soccer betting, although he does have a lot of action on US sports leagues such as the NBA and the NFL, too.

Bookie Gives Tips on Soccer Betting

Bookie Gives Tips on Soccer BettingThe first tip that Phil has for those new to soccer betting, is that you should know your sport well. Many bettors tend to bet on their favorite clubs, or whichever club has a popular player on a given match. While this can let players win, bettors have a better chance of winning when they know about how the league is run, and has deeper knowledge of clubs, rosters, and the stats of each club.

Phil also recommends that bettors learn about the other wagers that you can make in a match. Most bettors tend to stick to the basic wagers such as the Full Time Result, a Double Chance, or a Draw No Bet. These are common wagers, but also safer bets. If you want to earn more, or if you are thinking of becoming a bookie online to offer soccer wagering, then you should know that there are a dozen other bets you can make each match. For example, taking the time to learn about handicap wagers in soccer can give you a higher payout if you get it right.

Lastly, Phil recommends, especially for those new to soccer betting, to focus on a betting market and not spread yourself too thin. Remember that in any given day, there could be dozens of matches happening across the world. You can start by going for European soccer, then eventually expand to international leagues as you go on.


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