What Are Sportsbook Parlays?

Sports betting has evolved a lot over the decades. Traditional (and manual) sports betting started out with a single wager, eventually adding more wager types. As the industry became more popular, and technology was brought in to improve the sports betting process, even more wagers appeared. And with the pph sportsbook software giving sports bettors hundreds of betting options on a daily basis, you will more than likely encounter sportsbook parlays.

What exactly are parlay bets? For new sports bettors, the wagers usually placed are the moneyline, the spread, and totals. You may also consider prop bets for some particularly exciting games that your sportsbook pay per head bookie will offer. But parlays can be even more profitable than these wagers.

Sportsbook Parlays

What Are Sportsbook Parlays?Parlay bets are also called multis, or accumulators, depending on the terminology or region of your sportsbook. Simply put, a parlay bet is a combination of multiple wagers into one bet. Basically, the sportsbook rolls over the winnings from each wager to the next leg of the wager. For a parlay bet to win, each leg should win. This is a multiple level wager where each bet that wins will become a bigger wager on the next leg, which is why the payout is higher as opposed to placing these wagers individually.

There are a lot of sites that can help you get sports news updates from this gambling directory. You can get updates on teams that you will want to bet on for parlays. You can place parlay bets on any sport, from football to basketball to baseball. Remember that Parlay bets carry a higher risk because if you lose out on one wager, you lose the whole bet. It’s a high risk, high reward wager. So if you happen to be good at betting, you should explore parlay betting to increase your profits. In later tutorials, we will guide you with the different types of parlay bets you can place.


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