Overcoming a Betting Losing Streak

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How to overcome a betting losing streak man not be as easy as it sounds. Here is Some Advice

Key Points

Overcoming a Betting Losing Streak is not as easy as it sounds unless you are open minded and realistic. All gamblers think they are invincible at some point in their betting careers, but to limit losing streaks you have to know several things. You also have to admit that sometimes you need to take a step back.

– Identifying a losing streak while you are wagering is the first step to overcoming one.

– Tracking bets is a must for bettors that want to overcome a betting losing streak.

Anyone who bets on sports on a regular basis will occasionally go through a losing streak. Even the best bettors in the world experience times when nothing goes as planned and it seems impossible to predict a winner. The best bettors are those who know how to handle the losing streaks.

If you remember the old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” they are words to live by as a sports bettor. You can learn a lot from losing. You can learn even more when you lose a lot.

When it comes to dealing with losing streaks, there are no rules that are set in stone. What works for one person may not work for another. However, a few key pieces of advice can help any bettor battle the betting losing streak that he will most surely deal with in his betting career.


Recognize a Betting Losing Streak Will Occur

Accepting that losing streaks will occur is the first step in preparing for them. You’re going to get a surprise eventually if you believe they won’t.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can avoid bad runs. Even the best in the business are going to have streaks where they just can’t seem to get anything right.

If a bettor can identify that a losing streak is coming, he can be better equipped to deal with it and turn the tide.

What Is a Bad Run?

What one bettor considers an unusual run of losses may not be for another. Determining what constitutes a bad run is therefore crucial to preparing for them.

For example, if you typically bet on underdogs with large odds, you shouldn’t be concerned if you lose five or six bets in a row. However, if you wager on undervalued favorites, even a few consecutive losses could be viewed as a bad run.

The bottom line is that the bettor himself has to identify what is a bad run. The bad betting losing streak will be different for each individual bettor. With the streak identified, it’s time to take action.

Keep Accurate Records of Your Bets

Keeping track of your bets is a key if you take sports betting seriously. Tracking will assist you in many betting-related areas and is particularly helpful when it comes to coping with a losing streak as you make your wagers.

One of the first things you should do when you are on a losing run is analyze your prior wagers. This analysis can help you determine the nature of the issue and help you correct it. That won’t be possible though unless you keep track of your bets.

You have to maintain an open mind when performing the analysis. Don’t assume that you are doing something wrong. There are times when you can be doing the right things and simply hit some bad luck. On the other hand, don’t just assume you are experiencing bad luck. It’s possible that you are using a tactic that is just ineffective or that you are choosing poorly.

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Identify the Issue of a Betting Losing Streak

The hardest aspect of dealing with losing streaks is figuring out why you are losing. Not all issues will be easy to identify. If you recently implemented a new contrarian strategy and start losing a lot of bets, it might be time for a change. Sometimes, the problem might be harder to find.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes bettors may not be able to see the problem themselves and might seek the counsel of another sports bettor. Take the following example.

You are winning 55 to 60 percent of your football totals bets. As the season winds down, you notice that your winning percentage is dropping closer to 50 percent. You have tried to narrow down the issue but just can’t find it.

Your  buddy that you sports bet with looks at your tracking records and sees the issue. You have done a great job getting favorable odds with two evenly matched teams. You have made some great picks, but as the season nears its end you failed to notice that some teams don’t have anything to play for. They are not headed to the postseason and have no motivation over the final few weeks of the season.

It was something that you couldn’t see, but your friend did. You have to be willing to let someone else look at your betting record if you really want to get to the bottom of your betting losing streak.


Beat the Losing Streak

Maintaining your discipline is probably the single most critical thing you must do when overcoming a bad run. It is all too simple to start chasing your losses, but that will most likely make the problem worse.

You have to remain composed and in charge if you are having trouble pinpointing the root of your losing streak. Making logical choices and carefully weighing your options is the only way to change the situation.

The initial course of action is to continue betting in the same manner in the hopes that things will get better. This is a completely viable alternative if you believe you are making the best decisions.

However, it’s a good idea to establish a deadline. At some point, you will say enough is enough. Then, you will begin the process of identifying the issue.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Same Ol’ Routine

There are a number of things you can try. You might choose a different sport to wager on or use some alternative tactics. There are numerous ways to profit from making a sports bet, so you shouldn’t be discouraged simply because one strategy didn’t work out. If you still have faith in your ability to predict outcomes, it’s always worthwhile to try a fresh strategy.

It might also be worth looking into another sportsbook. A change of scenery using a new trusted and reputable sportsbook might help you see things differently.

Another choice is to simply pause. Take a short break from betting. This will give you time to consider what you might have been doing incorrectly and what you can change moving forward to increase your chances of success.

The last resort is to give up entirely. Sports wagering isn’t for everyone.  Hopefully, that isn’t the case if you really enjoy it. Identify your issue, fix it, and get back on track after a betting losing streak.