What is Live Betting?

When you use your sports betting software, you will see the dozens of betting options that you can choose from for each particular sports game. Some of the bets you will see available are what we call Live bets, or in-play bets. You can find these option on many sports events, from professional football to baseball and basketball. What exactly is live betting, and how is it different from the standard bets we see in sportsbooks?


Live betting refers to wagers that take place throughout the game. This is usually a very dynamic type of wager, since the odds can change as much as every change in play or possession. If you have an online sportsbook, your bookie software should offer a white label sportsbook service that allows you to offer live betting seamlessly to your players.

Live Betting in Your Sportsbook

What is Live Betting?Live betting is similar to traditional pre-game odds where the value differs per sportsbook. And since live betting changes throughout the game, some of these offers will only be available for a short while, even for shorter than a minute. It can be very lucrative for you to bet and win on these wagers, especially if you know what you are betting on well.

As a bookie, you can also offer live betting in your sportsbook pay per head. The wagers itself are similar to pre-game wagers, but since you are using a pph provider, the odds will be provided in real time. Your players will get access to point spreads, totals, moneyline bets, and of course, special prop bets.

These prop bets can be a wager on who will be the next to score. Of course, live bets are not offered for every single play or possession. These wagers are there to add a little more excitement for those who want to expand their sports betting experience. What better way to enjoy the game and wait for your sports bets’ outcomes than to have a little fun wagering on live bets in between?


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