PayPerHead Tips: Following Your Weekly Figures

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You Must Know What Your Weekly Figures Are

Learning to follow your weekly figures is an important part of being an online bookie. It’s possible to make six-figures weekly as an online sportsbook owner. Some PayPerHead software is easier to navigate and follow than others.

You’d be surprised how fast the money can pile up in this industry. It will take hard work and a great marketing plan, but it’s something that has been done before and will be done many times again.

You’re not going to make that type of money initially, but bookie revenues can grow quickly.

To be a successful bookmaker, you need to follow the money/data. PPH services provide real-time reports to bookies and you need to follow your weekly figures religiously.

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What PPH Reports Are the Most Important?

Here are the real-time reports filled with important data that PPH bookies need to analyze daily:

● Weekly Balance Report

This report will show the current balances for every single player on your betting sheet.

The data in the report is broken down by day as well. You can quickly analyze whether a player is winning or losing from this report for the current week as well as the player’s total balance.

You can select a custom date range to view historical weekly balance figures as well.

The weekly balance report is one of the most important to follow daily. If you notice a player has a big day, you can dig deeper to find out what the player was wagering on that day.

● Action By Player Report

With this report, the bookie can set a start date and end date prior to running the data.

Once a date range has been selected, the report will generate the profits/losses for every player broken down by the type of action (IE: straight bets, parlays, teasers, racebook, casino, etc.).

This report will show you exactly where you’re winning and losing.

You can easily clear six figures a week as a PPH bookie, but you need to be proactive in dealing with losses. If you notice a player is crushing you on props, limit how much they can bet. Sharps (winning bettors) are constantly being limited/restricted, they’ll understand it’s simply business.

Not all action is good action, keep that in mind when growing your sportsbook.

● Player Analysis Report

Want to dig deeper into a specific player on your betting sheet? Use the player analysis report.

You can select the player’s name from a drop down menu to generate a report showing you how many bets the player has placed in the last year, total volume ($) of those bets, win/loss figure and hold percentage. A second report will break down the data by sport as well.

Always Analyze Your Data

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, analyzing the data is imperative.

PPH services provide bookies with a wealth of data and most don’t even use it. If you want to grow and become a successful bookie making seven figures annually, you need to spend time studying your business analytics/data. You’ll also need a big betting sheet, but that’s a given.

Following your weekly figures will allow you to find areas where you can improve.

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