Status of the Finnish Casino Industry Boom

There is a small number of physical casinos in Finland. However, there’s a Finnish casino industry boom today. According to reports, there’s a high demand for casino games. In fact, casino revenues have been increasing in recent months.

The growth of the casino industry in Finland stagnated in recent years. Some analysts blamed it on strict restrictions on gambling providers. Despite only having a few casinos, Finns love gambling. Also, gamblers prefer playing in online casinos. As a result, online gambling usage went up.

At present, the government has a monopoly on local casinos. Also, there’s a limit on operators that can enter the market. There are three government-controlled gambling monopolies in Finland. Raha-automaattiyhdistys controls the slot machines. Also, Fintoto Oy supervises horse racing. Lastly, Veikkaus oversees gambling and lotteries.

Finnish Casino Industry Boom

Status of the Finnish Casino Industry BoomBased on PayPerHead reports, the three entities control all the Finnish gambling activities. They don’t allow international firms from operating in the country. However, the government allows local players to access offshore sites.

International operators enjoy a huge portion of the casino market. Also, operators using white label bookie software can target Finns. However, they can’t operate from within the state.

Offshore gambling websites can’t advertise to players in Finland. However, the good news is that the government doesn’t block access to gambling platforms. Thus, sportsbook pay per head providers can set up websites catering to Finnish gamblers.

The increase of offshore gambling sites led to good things for local gamblers. Local casinos started increasing their online presence. Also, Veikkaus announced making a huge investment in its online gambling platforms. They hope to increase their share of online gambling through new investments.

The increase in competition is alarming for the local monopoly. However, it is suitable for Finnish players. They have more online gambling options today.