Pixbet to Launch iGaming Platform in Rio de Janeiro

Pixbet to Launch iGaming Platform in Rio de Janeiro

The Rio de Janeiro Lottery gave the green light to Pixbet. As a result, the famous gaming brand will launch its iGaming platform in Rio de Janeiro. According to gambling reviews and news sites, Pixbet is one of the first gambling companies to get approval from regulators.

Pixbet will use WeAreGame iGaming platform in Brazil. Although the company got a First Stage Accreditation, bookie software experts expect Pixbet to receive a confirmation from regulators. Thus, the company can offer its sports wagering products in the country. However, it has to wait until Brazil formally open its sports betting market.

Pixbet is one of the popular sports betting brands in the Latin American market. According to sportsbook PPH sources, it has agreements with 15 professional sports organizations in Brazil.

Also, it is proud to be a Brazilian brand made for Brazilians. Its goal is to have a significant impact on the local gambling industry. Getting the license is a significant milestone for the company.

iGaming Platform in Rio de Janeiro

Pixbet to Launch iGaming Platform in Rio de JaneiroBrazil recently legalized sports betting. Thus, it is the ideal time for Pixbet to venture into the local market. However, the government still needs to work things out before the launch of the sports wagering market.

Pixbet Sportsbook will accept wagers on ten sports, including soccer. On the other hand, WeAreGame is a reliable platform. Thus, players can expect a smooth launch for Pixbet in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, the company uses the WeAreGame platform for several products, including PixJogos, PixBet Fantasy 5, and PixBet.tv.

Pixbet aims to provide its players a fair, fun, and safe gaming experience. Aside from sports betting, it also offers online casino games. In addition, it offers attractive promotions and bonuses.

Loterj oversees the issuance of sports betting licenses in Rio de Janeiro. It is the Permanent Bidding Committee of Rio de Janeiro’s Lottery. Aside from PixBet, Loto Carioca also got a license from the Loterj earlier this June.

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