14 Chinese Under for Illegal Gambling Operation

14 Chinese Under for Illegal Gambling Operation

Last updated on March 11th, 2020 at 06:56 pm

On Thursday, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation made a raid in Bacolor, Pampanga to stop an illegal gambling organization. The end result is that 14 Chinese under arrest for Illegal Gambling Operation for operating an illegal gambling website.

Even though the Philippines issue several gambling licenses every year, several illegal gambling operations still take place. This is because several gambling websites illegally operate out of the Philippines that cater to mostly Chinese and Korean citizens.

Furthermore, the suspects will be brought to court for either violating the Presidential Decree 1602 or the Anti-Illegal Gambling Act. In addition, the arrest is in direct relation to the amendment RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

The Philippine Department of Justice on the Case

ChineseBookie.comIn an announcement, the authority said that its cybercrime division got knowledge about their activities on November 29.  Furthermore, NBI Director, Dante Gierran said the report was about “unlawful internet betting exercises overseen by Chinese-looking nationals”.

Thus, they were conducting different illicit number diversion games and online gambling club without permit from appropriate government office.

According to the press release, here are the names of the Chinese suspects that have been taken under custody.  In addition, gambling news websites say they have been given to the Department of Justice for inquest proceeding.

  • Chen Ya Ting
  • Chen Chengang
  • Sun Qiao Yan
  • Wei Bing
  • Lei Shi Feng
  • Gao Cheng Feng
  • Lin Jin
  • Wang Hai Tao
  • Wu Cheng Pin
  • Ruan Cheng Hui
  • Gao Fei
  • Chen Long Xi

On December 11, Capas, Tarlac Regional Trial Court made the Warrant.  Thus the NBA was able to Search, Seize and Examine Computer information against the tenants of an office in Pampanga.

During the raid, the agents were able to seize several electronic devices.  These include 15 cell phone gadgets, 11 PC workstation, 2 PC, 2 switches and 2 present day enhancers.

The capture of the 14 came in the midst of a prominent inundation of Chinese nationals coming in the nation.

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