Casino Gambling – Short-Term Success May Offer Some Satisfaction

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Casino Gambling Online

Casino Gambling Can be a Roller Coaster

By Charles Jay

If you’re going to engage in casino gambling online, you need to approach it from a perspective of reality. And the idea that you are going to “break the bank” is not something that is grounded in reality. 

So the point of the whole thing should be to have yourself some enjoyment. Oh, and to try to get out of your playing session once in a while with a profit.

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While it must be understood that the house has the edge (Hint: that’s how they stay in business), that doesn’t mean that you are going to come out of every session a big loser. 

Always keep in mind that there isn’t necessarily such a thing as a “long run.,” not as far as you are concerned. You would, in fact, have to play a very long time to generate a long-run result as it applies to the kind of mathematical model on which the casino advantage is based. 

This whole long-term edge is based on a huge amount of volume. That comes from, well, every customer that plays at the casino. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands – even millions – of results.


Your playing experience essentially consists of a lot of short runs, and with short runs, truly anything can happen. If you can come away from your playing session with a profit, it’s not really all that unusual. So you can take your satisfaction out of that. Keeping your sports players active is key.

Whether you will win on most of your sessions is debatable. Frankly, you may not be playing long enough to compile a true “long run,” no matter how many sessions you have. Yes, it will catch up to you eventually, which is why they say “the house always wins in the long run.” These games, in and of themselves, don’t exactly have positive expectations. 

The casino itself isn’t emotionally involved in the situation, just like your pay per head service. They don’t care whether YOU personally win or lose. They know that the long-run percentages are in their favor, and they are going to come out with their profit intact because of the large volume of customers and wagers. 

That is why they have no problem being there at all times, to take your bets. So what we’re telling you to do is relax, because when all is said and done, there’s not a whole lot you’re going to do about it.

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Well, maybe we shouldn’t say that. It really depends upon the specific game you’re playing. When it comes to roulette, there aren’t any specific strategy moves you can make that will change the 5.26% house edge.  You can play strictly a betting strategy in a game like this – perhaps something like a Martingale – which might work for you in a short-run situation, as long as you don’t get to a point where you bump up against the house limit. 

You could probably employ those betting schemes when playing a game like blackjack, but seriously, you’ll be much better served by wiser playing decisions that enable you to lose less than you will by a betting strategy that might ultimately leave you nowhere to go if it fails. 

We hope this might help you just a little as you try to get more out of those many short-term sessions.