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PayPerHead247 PPH Service
PayPerHead247 PPH Service

Your PPH Service Can be a Huge Asset

Active bookmakers are keenly aware of how much time and effort it takes to keep track of individual customer accounts. A quality PPH Service can help. This reporting and accounting activity is a key ingredient that inhibits a bookie’s ability to take more bets. Being able to book more business is the primary component to making more money, so anything that helps with that aspect of the operation is critical to success.

One of the best tools available to bookies is a robust Pay Per Head (PPH) software platform. A PPH service allows customers to make wagers online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It also provides the bookmaker with player accounts and wagering information.

Being able to make adjustments on a per customer basis can be a big boost for a bookie’s profitability. Not all bettors are created equal, and being able to have the advantage of an automated tool that can be customized for each player provides the best of both worlds.

Although there are many great features of a PPH service that benefit the customer, the focus here is on the bookie. PPH software is very powerful, so the bookie should be aware of how best to utilize the great tool at their disposal.

One the best services is provided at PayPerHead247.  On this software, they have a specific tab for my agent reports where the bookie can view and make changes to customer accounts. There are a multitude of options available, so a few of the most important are highlighted here.

Player Management

Customer account information is accessed through the Player Management tab. Here is where all of the individual accounts are listed. For each account, the bookie can view activity for that customer. This is also where the bookie can make adjustments to an individual player.

Depending on the customer, a bookie may want to put certain limits on betting amounts, sports or wagering types. It’s also possible to change lines or odds for particular players, depending on risk and wagering history.

The bookie can use this feature to check on the up to the minute wagering status of any customer. This is also where payments or receipts are recorded and updated in the system.


The Figures tab shows players’ weekly balances and actions by each player. It gives totals for each player and also aggregates the numbers for the entire operation. The bookie can see in real time how they are faring with their customers.

This feature is critical in that it shows the bookie how much they are owed, have received and need to pay during the week. One of the most important attributes for a reliable bookie is to pay out their winning bets in a timely manner. Staying on top of what they owe ensures that they aren’t in over their head for a particular billing period.

PayPerHead247 PPH Service


Staying on top of current wagers is critical to success. By seeing wagers as they are made and also understanding the total picture allows the bookie to adjust lines and odds if necessary. Getting caught on the wrong side of a game result can be a catastrophe, so a bookmaker needs to pay attention.

This feature makes it easy for them to keep up with what’s happening in their business and make the proper moves to react. It also enables the bookie to know which events will have a significant impact on their profitability in a particular time frame.


Obviously, this could be considered the most important component of the my agent reports functionality. Here the bookie can track how they are doing with collections and payouts. It is where they can keep up with their cash flow and give them the information they need to make key business decisions.

Basically, any financial transaction between the bookie and their customers is captured and reported in this section. Any user of the PPH software will need to become intimately familiar with this feature.


 Consider this tab as the statistical analysis piece of the software. This is where the bookie can see their winning percentages by sport or betting type. If their customers are winning an inordinate amount of the time for a particular event type, the bookie may want to adjust the kind of wagers they accept.

This section is also where the bookie can see total betting volume, including wagers and how many customers placed bets. A key feature allows the operator to see what IP addresses were used to place bets and when the wagers were placed.

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