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COVID-19 Delayed NBA Season is Ready to Tip

Good news keeps coming from within the NBA headquarters, as the new schedule for the restart of the 2019-2020 season was recently revealed, right after the league and Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed and revealed the league’s and NBPA’s comprehensive plan.

We already know important key dates in the process of being able to restart the action on July 30th, which include traveling dates to Orlando, individual and team trainings, as well as dates for regular season games, postseason, and latest possible date for a game 7 of the NBA Finals, which would be October 13th.

However, we were still missing this important piece of information, which is extremely useful for sportsbooks and basketball betting fans from all over the world, who have been patiently waiting for the return of the greatest basketball league in the planet

These first two games will be nationally televised via TNT and will most certainly be two of the most watched games of the season, attracting millions and millions of bets that basketball fans have been anxiously waiting to place.

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There will be 6 games on schedule for July 31st and from then on, there will be at least 5 games on the board each day of the regular season, or the seeding games, which will end on August 14th. The playoffs will begin on August 17th and each round will consist in best-of-seven series, all the way to the NBA Finals.

NBA 2019-2020 Season Restart – Seeding games complete schedule (ET):

NBA – July 30th

– Pelicans vs. Jazz, 6:30 pm, TNT

– Lakers vs. Clippers, 9:00 pm, TNT

NBA – July 31st

– Nets vs. Magic, 2:30 pm

– Trail Blazers vs. Grizzlies, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– Wizards vs. Suns, 4:00 pm

– Bucks vs. Celtics, 6:30 pm, ESPN

– Spurs vs. Kings, 8:00 pm

– Mavericks vs. Rockets, 9:00 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 1st

– Nuggets vs. Heat, 1:00 pm, ESPN

– Thunder vs. Jazz, 3:30 pm, ESPN

– Clippers vs. Pelicans, 6:00 pm ESPN

– Pacers vs. 76ers, 7:00 pm

– Raptors vs Lakers, 8:30 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 2nd

– Nets vs. Wizards, 2:00 pm

– Celtics vs. Trail Blazers, 3:30 pm, ABC

– Grizzlies vs. Spurs, 4:00 pm

– Magic vs. Kings, 6:00 pm, NBATV

– Rockets vs. Bucks, 8:30 pm, ABC

– Suns vs. Mavericks, 9:00 pm

NBA – August 3rd

– Heat vs. Raptors, 1:30 pm, NBATV

– Thunder vs. Nuggets, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– Wizards vs. Pacers, 4:00 pm

– Pelicans vs. Grizzlies, 6:30 pm, ESPN

– 76’ers vs. Spurs, 8:00 pm

– Jazz vs. Lakers, 9:00 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 4th

– Bucks vs. Nets, 1:30 pm, NBATV

– Kings vs. Mavericks, 2:30 pm

– Clippers vs. Suns, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– Pacers vs. Magic, 6:00 pm

– Heat vs. Celtics, 6:30 pm, TNT

– Trail Blazers vs Rockets, 9:00 pm, TNT

NBA – August 5th

– Jazz vs. Grizzlies, 2:30 pm

– Wizards vs. 76’ers, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– Spurs vs. Nuggets, 4:00 pm

– Lakers vs. Thunder, 6:30 pm, ESPN

– Magic vs. Raptors, 8:00 pm

– Celtics vs Nets, 9:00 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 6th

– Kings vs Pelicans, 1:30 pm, NBATV

– Bucks vs. Heat, 4:00 pm, TNT

– Suns vs. Pacers, 4:00 pm

– Mavericks vs. Clippers, 6:30 pm, TNT

– Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers, 8:00 pm

– Rockets vs. Lakers, 9:00 pm, TNT

NBA – August 7th

– Spurs vs. Jazz, 1:00 pm

– Grizzlies vs. Thunder, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– Nets vs. Kings, 5:00 pm

– 76’ers vs. Magic, 6:30 pm, TNT

– Pelicans vs. Wizards, 8:00 pm

– Raptors vs. Celtics, 9:00 pm, TNT

NBA – August 8th

– Trail Blazers vs. Clippers, 1:00 pm, TNT

– Nuggets vs. Jazz, 3:30 pm, TNT

– Pacers vs. Lakers, 6:00 pm, TNT

– Heat vs. Suns, 7:30 pm

– Mavericks vs. Bucks, 8:3 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 9th

– Thunder vs. Wizards, 12:30 pm

– Raptors vs. Grizzlies, 2:00 pm

– Pelicans vs. Spurs, 3:00 pm, ABC

– Celtics vs. Magic, 5:00 pm

– Trail Blazers vs. 76’ers, 6:30 pm, NBATV

– Kings vs. Rockets, 8:00 pm

– Clippers vs. Nets, 9:00 pm, NBATV

NBA – August 10th

– Suns vs. Thunder, 2:30 pm

– Jazz vs. Mavericks, 3:00 pm NBATV

– Bucks vs. Raptors, 6:30 pm, ESPN

– Heat vs. Pacers, 8:00 pm

– Lakers vs. Nuggets, 9:00 pm, TNT

NBA – August 11th

– Magic vs. Nets, 1:00 pm

– Spurs vs. Rockets, 2:00 pm, NBATV

– 76ers vs. Suns, 4:30pm

– Mavericks vs. Trail Blazers, 5:00 pm

– Grizzlies vs. Celtics, 6:30 pm, TNT

– Kings vs. Pelicans, 9:00 pm, TNT

– Wizards vs. Bucks, 9:00 pm

NBA – August 12th

– Rockets vs. Pacers, 4:00 pm, NBATV

– 76ers vs. Raptors, 6:30 pm, ESPN

– Thunder vs. Heat, 8:00 pm

– Nuggets vs. Clippers, 9:00 pm, ESPN

NBA – August 13th

– Celtics vs. Wizards, TBD

– Nets vs. Trail Blazers, TBD

– Lakers vs. Kings, TBD

– Grizzlies vs. Bucks, TBD

– Magic vs. Pelicans, TBD

– Suns vs. Mavericks, TBD

– Jazz vs. Spurs, TBD

NBA – August 14th

– Rockets vs. 76ers, TBD

– Pacers vs. Heat, TBD

– Clippers vs. Thunder, TBD

– Raptors vs. Nuggets, TBD

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