2024 NFL Pro Bowl Guide

Last updated on February 3rd, 2024 at 01:19 pm

When you are learning how to be a bookie, you will discover just how popular and lucrative football betting is. And when it comes to NFL betting, everything is fair game. From futures bets, to live betting, prop bets and more, your sportsbook will be kept full of wagers from fans and bettors everywhere. And while this event has no effect on the tournament outcome, the Pro Bowl is a popular game not just for fans to watch, but for bettors to wager on. To help you manage your NFL betting, here is the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Guide.

Over a month ago, the roster for the Pro Bowl was already announced. As early as then, lines on the event opened in sportsbooks, and those who love to bet on sports pounced on the opening lines. However, the roster is yet to change. This is because Super Bowl players who are voted into the NFL’s all-star game are not eligible to play in the Pro Bowl. The event, aside from the all star game, will also have skills competitions and other events.

Another change in the roster could also come from players begging off due to a lot of reasons, mostly due to injuries. And since the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off on the Super Bowl, expect players from these teams to drop off from the rosters for this weekend’s games.


2024 NFL Pro Bowl Guide2024 Pro Bowl Guide: How to Watch and Where to Bet

As a bookie, your sportsbook pay per head software takes care of the betting odds and options your players can make. But since we are close to the event weekend, the lines may move, or you may get enough action to necessitate line movement in your sportsbook. Keep an eye out as we get closer to kickoff.

The Pro Bowl games will begin today, February 1, and will end on Sunday, February 4. On the first day, we will have the Thursday Skills Showdown in Orlando, Florida, where players will compete in precision passing, dodgeball, and more. Meanwhile Sunday’s Pro Bowl Games will be on February 4, from 3:00 ET to 6:00 ET. Here, players from the NFC and AFC will compete in the NFL’s all-star event.


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