Tiger Woods Achieves Greatest Sports Comeback

Tiger Woods Achieves Greatest Sports Comeback

Last updated on April 18th, 2019 at 05:17 pm

The greatest sports comeback happened at the Masters Sunday afternoon. Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters. In fact, the 14-year gap between his 4th and 5th Masters wins is the longest in the golfing world.

Many people dismissed Woods as a has-been. He won his last major tournament in 2008. That’s when he won the US Open. Since then, he experienced a long drought that included a personal scandal and four surgeries.

It is only fitting that he ended his personal drought at the Masters, which he won the first time 22 years ago. Also, his children witnessed their father achieve the greatest sports comeback. In fact, his son Charlie and daughter Sam were not born yet when he won his last major golf tournament.

Greatest Sports Comeback

Tiger Woods Achieves Greatest Sports ComebackTiger Woods told PricePerPlayer.com that his children knew the sport caused him pain. He wanted to give them new memories of golf. In addition, he said he was happy they were there in the final hole to celebrate with him.

Gone is the arrogant golfing superstar who won four green jackets. In his place is a more mature golfer who bested his younger competitors. In fact, he didn’t make any eagles during the four days of The Masters. On the other hand, he didn’t have any double bogey either.

Woods said he was fortunate to win again. He was steady throughout the tournament. Also, Rae’s claimed four top golfers who were near the lead. As a result, they missed their chance to win the green jacket.

Once Woods got the lead in the back-nine, he never gave it back. He had a safe lead going to the 18th hole to make the greatest sports comeback as stated by sports news headlines. He won by one over three younger golfers who were tied for second place.

As Tiger Woods place the ball into the 18th hole, many sportsbooks operators regretted they learned how to become a bookie. In fact, the 2019 Masters went down in history books as bookie’s biggest loss in golf.

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