Tom Brady Retires Again, and For Good

Any gambling news website worth their salt will feature the best of the best athletes in their respective sport. They are, after all, capable of affecting the outcome and popularity of a team’s season. This is why we all look at names like LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning, among others. Today, we are taking a look at football’s best athlete, who has announced his retirement. Tom Brady retires from football according to the latest NFL news.

You read it right. It is not a reprint of an old article on Tom Brady, who first announced his retirement back in 2022, after playing for 22 seasons. This was clearly a tough choice for Brady, as he loved the sport so much. But he said at the time that he needed to focus his time and attention on other matters, namely his family.

His retirement was short lived, however, as he came back 40 days later to play his 23rd season. Brady has played for 20 years in the Patriots, then three with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams are popular with many a sportsbook pay per head site, and it has a lot to do with Brady and his talent in the field.


Tom Brady Retires, As a Patriot?

Tom Brady Retires Again, and For GoodThat talent is something that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will always appreciate. So much so, that he wants to even offer a one-day contract so that the 45-year-old football superstar can retire wearing a Patriots jersey. This is quite an offer and will pique the interest of your bettors at your Sports Betting Solution Asia sportsbook.

Kraft has always been vocal of his intentions of having Brady retire in a red jacket. He has stated so as far back as 2021. Kraft has nothing but love for Brady, who he continues to root for, except if he is playing against the Pats of course. With Brady retiring, we do not know if a one-day contract is possible, but Brady will be saying goodbye to the pros and will focus on spending time with his kids.


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