Cutting Your Losses With Your PPH Provider

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A Quality PPH Provider has Tools to Help

The pay per head can cut losses and if you are not online and operating with a great PPH provider then you must do it today! There is no excuse to not be online with a fantastic PPH on your side. In these times every penny matters, and your bottom line is priority number one. You must budge well; manage your players and you must give them all of the betting options they have been asking for.

As a local bookie, this is next to impossible to accomplish without some help. It is impossible, just flat out – there is no argument. Local Bookies cannot offer an online casino or a racebook. You must diversify. Your players want to play, and they are asking for something beyond what’s available is sports right now. Are they getting it from you? NO. This isn’t your fault, you are local, and you have no possible way to offer them a great online casino or racebook – until now.

RealBookies PPH Provider

· How Are You Losing? You are losing to the competition. There is a vast amount of competition that is killing your profits and your bottom line. There are a thousand and one online sportsbooks that your players can dial up within ten seconds, have a deposit made within 5-10 minutes and be playing. You are losing your clients in the most vital time of your bookie career.

· We have been bookies; we know the drill and we know players. Listen, pandemic or no pandemic, players are still playing, and they will bet on anything that has value to them. If they think they can win money, they will bet on it.

· As a local bookie, you can’t offer them what the competition is offering. Oh, of course, your players say they are being loyal to you, they are not. They have tons of choices and they are using those options. They want to bet on something, and it matters not if it’s sports, a great casino, or a fantastic racebook. They are going where the action is and you don’t have it.

· You can get your clients back right now and there is an easy solution. The PPH has come along at the right time with an all-inclusive package offer. They are now offering a state of the art sportsbook with all of the bells and whistles that you will find on any bookie site. They are also offering a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world.

· You can have a complete package deal at absolutely no additional cost. All you pay is the nominal PPH fee, per head, per week. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a FREE, custom-built gaming website that includes this entire package.

· The gaming website comes loaded with all three gaming genera’s The Sportsbook, the racebook, and the online casino. You get all three for absolutely no cost. Everything is free and you even get a real-working .com address exclusive to you and your clients. The website is yours to use as long as you pay the nominal weekly PPH fees.

· The casino is underestimated. It’s a cash cow and every bookie must have one. You will always turn a profit in the casino and the best PPH providers offer you the best of the best with more than 100-games, the hottest slots, and all of the best table games. You can even have live dealers.

· The racebook is a bonus that every bookie treasures. Race bettors are the most loyal and they play every day, the good news; they lose often! You want a great racebook, and you can have it for FREE.

Find the best PPH provider and call them, tell them you want to take advantage of their free gaming software, and tell them you want a free, custom-built website. Only the best PPH providers are offering this service and it comes with the best customer service in the industry. You and your clients will have access to an exclusive 800-number with agents that speak great English. You can expect to pay around $2-$13 per head, per week for active players-unlimited wagering. Call today and have your players playing in a day or two, on your gaming website.

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