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Improving your NBA Betting Skills Should be a Priority if you Wager the Sport

This is how you can improve your NBA betting skills. With linesmakers getting more and more sharp with their numbers the more you can absorb the better your chances of winning will become.

Key Points

– There are numerous ways to improve your NBA betting skills.

– If you aren’t winning consistently, check your NBA betting skills.

How to Improve Your NBA Betting Skills

For sports bettors, the NBA is the most straightforward point spread-based sport to win. Even in an age where NBA teams repeatedly rest star players, smart bettors can put together a handicapping strategy that can produce wins.

If you choose your bets using the same information that everyone else uses, you won’t be all that successful. Bettors need to learn to focus on the linemaker, who determines the point spread.

If you have ever bet sports online, you are aware that the linemaker’s objective is balance. The goal is to establish a spread that will attract an equal number of wagers on each side.

In a single game, if 100 bettors place bets on Side A and 100 bettors place bets on Side B, half of the bettors will lose their bets and the other half will win. The bookmaker will receive his 11/10 cut, also referred to as vigorish or juice, which guarantees him a win.

The linemaker must read his players in order to come up with the ideal number since they don’t want to run the danger of being on the losing end of a game with unfair action. He has to determine how they will wager before they do, and he succeeds. Why? It’s because the majority of his clients base their decisions and opinions on the same facts.


The Two Basketball Handicapping Techniques

Basketball bettors are split into two categories. There are those that look at historical data and attempt to identify trends or angles based on past success.

A second group studies raw data and attempts to forecast the future purely based on numbers. There is some crossover now and then, which is to be expected.

Bettors should understand that there are benefits and drawbacks with each handicapping technique. The best NBA bettors will determine which one makes sense for them. Most often, it is a “comfort zone” type of thing where a bettor figures out what works best for him. The best also know that a top quality sportsbook is a must.

Bettors can also mix the two approaches and have solid results.

Hone NBA Betting Skills Using Trends

The trend handicapper can utilize one year, two years, or even ten years of data to identify some sort of pattern between teams. However, if the stats-based handicapper’s counterargument isn’t taken into account, those patterns are at best speculative.

For people who don’t have the time or energy to keep meticulous records, trend-based handicapping is typically the simpler option. This is because a lot of the work has already been done by experts who publish or sell their information online.

It’s vital to keep an eye out for signs that the point spread is higher/lower than it should be. Trends can lose value rapidly when the bookmaker discovers them and incorporates them into the line.


Stats-Based NBA Betting

The use of statistics-based handicapping is a bit more time-consuming. Even if you have to build your NBA line on the same facts as everyone else, you should at least be able to create your own.

Unless you have exceptional linemaking skills, you won’t utilize these statistics for anything other than a starting point. Simply described, a line represents the average difference between the points Team A scored and allowed as compared to the points Team B scored and allowed.

You will need to assign a point value to additional characteristics like injuries, weariness, and the like as you become more sophisticated. Though you can utilize year-to-date statistics, it’s generally best to only look back approximately nine or ten games, as this will show how the team is doing right now.

Improving your NBA betting skills using stats can help you generate your own line for a game and then determine if there is value in placing a bet. Using these methods can help you overcome a betting losing streak.

Causes of Poor Performance

If you have been working on your NBA betting skills but are still struggling, there might be a few reasons why. One of the most common is the overvaluing of home-field or home-court advantage.

You can’t disregard it, but typically any advantage to playing at home is baked into a line already. There’s no need to place more emphasis on it.

Another reason for your lack of success is that you aren’t getting the best number. If you are wagering on favorites, you want to place bets early. Favorites tend to get heavier closer to game time. If you like an underdog, it’s often better to wait.

The other thing is to simply shop for the best price.There are thousands of sportsbooks in the industry. Shop around for the best line on a game you like. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your NBA betting skills.

Check the number of games or bets you are making. The NBA season is long. If you don’t like any games on a certain day’s schedule, then so be it. Too often, bettors want to place action on every game on the schedule. Not every game offers value.

If you are searching for numbers, make sure you have access to the latest news, scores, odds, and more. It will make life much easier.

Other bettors win a lot of their bets, but don’t place enough of them to really make a difference in the bankroll. There’s a happy medium between too few and too many bets. Find it.

Other Reasons You Aren’t Winning

If you like parlays, make sure you think of them like Big Macs and ice cream. While both are fine in moderation, a steady dose of either will end up killing your health. Parlays will kill bankroll. Only place exotic bets in moderation.

Try not to bet on your favorite teams. You can, but the only reason you would is because the value is there. Stay away from impulsive bets on teams that you like. On that note, stay away from chasing your losses. Try live betting to hedge your losses.

It also makes sense to follow a solid money management strategy. If you start betting more than your standard bet in an effort to make up for losses, you can kiss your bankroll goodbye.

Stick to a plan where you bet maybe 1 to 5 percent of your bankroll. Even if you are winning at a ridiculous clip, stick to the plan. You can increase your stake, but stick to the overall money management plan.

When you really need help, it’s worth finding the best sports handicapper available. A handicapper can help you with your picks and get you back on track.