Learning How to use the Weekly Balance Report on Your PPH Site

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Be Sure to Take Every Advantage Your PPH Site Offers

There are many different advantages and benefits of using a PPH Site to run your online sportsbook. It is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to set up a bookie business now a days, and it’s important that you get familiar with the process and the tools that you get access to once you decide to join this multi-million dollar industry.

It is true when they say that everyone can be a bookie, pay -per – head sites have given this opportunity to many and has made it a reality, accessible, simple, and safe.

However, as in any other business there are different ways to help you improve your results and get better margins and getting to know these tools is just as important as any other aspect. One of these tools, and it’s one of the most basic and simple ones you will get access to, is your Weekly Balance report.

Why is it important to check my weekly balance report?

Information and data are key to your business’ success, the more you know about your operation and your players, the more you will be able to be in control and learn to make the most out of each and every situation.

Many bookies know how the business works, and how it’s set up to get good results, and so they just go with the flow, and yes, having the backup and support of a good PPH provider like RealBookies probably means that you will make good money anyway, but can you make even more? The answer is yes!

As we said, the more involved you are and thee more you get to know how your business works day-to-day, means that you will be able to make better decisions and be able to maximize your margins. This is why you want to be able to see your players’ action, be on top of their results, identify which leagues they like to play what their limits are for each type of play, etc. This will give you a clear view of actions to follow in order to start getting better results.

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How to use your weekly balance report

Using the tool is quite simple, you just have to go to the reporting section in your agent or bookie profile, and there you will find the Weekly PPH Balance report. Once you click on it you can go in a few different directions, you can filter by dates, so you can see this week’s report, last week, two weeks ago or any other week on the calendar.

On the other hand, you can also filter by player, so that you can just check up on a specific guy and get detail on how he’s doing. In this case, you can also filter by dates, so that you can see this customer’s specific balances for any week and this will help you get a clear view of what his figure is and then settle or just keep good track of the numbers

The weekly balance report is just one of many different reports that you have access to once you join a good PPH Site and get good service like www.RealBookies.com, but there are many more, like the Hold Percentage report, Open Wagers, Player History, Lifetime figures and much more. Give us a call right now and we’ll give you all the information you need, so that you can finally start making the most out of you PPH sportsbook.

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