Neccton and SkillOnNet Releases Tool to Prevent Gambling Harm

Neccton and SkillOnNet Releases Tool to Prevent Gambling Harm

Neccton and SkillOnNet announced their partnership through the release of a new tool to prevent gambling-related harm. Also, the data science firm Neccton developed Mentor with the help of psychologists and behavioral scientists.

The new Safer Gambling tool monitors player data and detects chances in behavior and risk patterns. Also, the tool flags indicators of problem gambling. If a player is at risk, the individual receives personal feedback and communications to prevent harm.

The communication sent to at-risk players is based on motivational interviewing. The latter is a counseling approach created by clinical psychologists Stephen Rollnick and William Miller. Based on PPH solution reports, academic research is the center of Neccton’s work. Over the last decade, the company published more studies than anyone else in the field of responsible gaming and player monitoring.

Neccton and SkillOnNet Partnership

Neccton and SkillOnNet Releases Tool to Prevent Gambling HarmThroughout the years, Neccton showed what works and what doesn’t work. They are continuously improving their gambling prevention solution based on best practices and academic evidence.

The tool Mentor will be available in all SkillOnNet brands, including AHTI Games, Lucky Vegas, SlotsMagic, Royal Bet, Slingo, and more. The company told PPH providers that they are happy to work with Neccton because of their advanced machine learning tool. SkillOnNet can use the Safer Gambling tool in its online casino brands, as well as its white label clients.

SkillOnNet prioritizes safer gambling. It already has in-house tools to protect its players from the dangers of gambling. Also, the company takes pride in being one of the innovators in the field. It has a proactive stance in fighting against gambling harm.

Its latest partnership came after the gambling software provider promised to take player experience to the next level. It signed an exclusive deal with last month. The deal will allow to expand its footprint by providing access to new markets worldwide.