Kia Tigers Stays in Fort Myers Following the Coronavirus Pandemic

Kia Tigers Stays in Fort Myers Following the Coronavirus Pandemic

The most successful South Korean professional baseball team, Kia Tigers, stays in Fort Myers. It is due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that has hit South Korea.

Kia Tigers, based in Gwangju, South Korea, were supposed to return home by March 6 but decided to stay in Florida and change the date of their return to March 15. Moreover, the United States Centers for Disease Control has enacted a do not travel advisory to Daegu City.

Why Kia Tigers Stays in Fort Myers?

Kia Tigers Stays in Fort Myers Following the Coronavirus PandemicAccording to baseball betting picks forum, Kia Tigers has made Fort Myers, Florida, its spring training home since January 30. They have made this plan since July last year and would practice for three weeks. Then, they will state 15 games against teams composed of independent-league players.

However, the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has hit Korea harder than any other country but China. At least 5,000 people have been infected, and 32 have died. It is the main reason why the players have to change their date of return.


How Coronavirus Affects Korean Baseball?

The Korean Baseball Organization decided to cancel its 10-game exhibition season in South Korea. General Managers from the ten teams are monitoring the situation. But the regular season is slated to begin on March 28 as scheduled, and patrons resume to bet on sports favorites.

However, the regular season for the KBO may change. It depends on the situation regarding the attempt to control the concern for the virus according to sources from national baseball team betting.

In the meantime, the Kia Tigers are trying to enjoy the trip. Most players have never been to the United States before, and most speak little or no English. Therefore, every outing is an adventure for the members of the team.

There are also advantages from a baseball perspective. As the extra time in the U.S. gives them additional changes to make an impression on MLB teams.


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