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A Quality Pay Per Head is a Must

Bookies, why stress? Easy living is what you could be experiencing with the use of a pay per head. Possibly, you are a local bookie looking for answers during what has turned out to be the most difficult time, in a long time. We all know what COVID-19 has done to the bookmaking industry, or so you may think… Listen, not all is as bad as it seems. The pay per head industry is booming right now and there is one reason for this; local bookies. You guys are the ones that are driving the pay per head industry. Why? The best per head software providers are the only way to find a great online presence, on the cheap! If you want a great gaming site that’s custom-built for free and if you want your clients betting against you tomorrow in your online casino and racebook, then get in the game and find a top-notch pay per head.

· Looking for options right now? The pay per head is the only option you have that gives you an online presence that’s presented in an affordable package. For around $7-$13 per head, per week, you can enjoy the best service for some of the best providers. Not only do they offer you the best service, but they also offer you the best gaming options.

· Ever think of offering your clients an online casino? You may have thought of this many times and simply did not know how to find an online casino that you could offer your client. Many bookie skip this altogether – big mistake. Many bookies believe that an online casino is not worth the “hassle” – big mistake. Number one, there is no “hassle”. You do nothing. The pay per head does all of the work for you.

· To operate an online casino you do not need to be an experienced casino operator, you do not need hands-on experience in any fashion. The PPH calibrates the casino, and they maintain the entire operation, All you do is take your clients there and let them play, hope they play, pray they play! The casino is the online bookmaker’s cash cow. You must have the revenue from a casino if you care about earning huge profits.

· We can’t say enough about the online casino and its benefits for you. The casino offers more than 100-games, with the latest and hottest slots along with all of the best table games, and live dealers should you choose the option. Players will come for the casino and bet in the sportsbook if there happens to be something worthy of their time. Forget about COVID-19… What we are saying here, right now, about the casino – this is true at any time. The casino is your real profit maker. The sportsbook has always been marginal. There are days when you win and days when you lose, and the money often comes out in the wash. Not true with the casino, the casino rarely loses, and you will see a profit boom.

Pay Per Head Software at RealBookies

· On top of the casino, you also get a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the globe. The daily odds are set for you, the bets are set, and all of the track information is set daily for your players. The racebook pays track odds and in “real-time”. Your players will love the racebook and you will love the increased revenue.

· Sports will be back and there is value in having a great online sportsbook with the best gaming software and a state-of-the-art user interface. The sportsbook comes loaded with all of the best features that include a huge wagering menu. The daily lines and odds are set, the daily side bets are set, and you get hundreds of daily prop lines, futures bets, politics, and much more.

The PPH is now offering a turnkey package for bookies that includes a custom-built gaming site for free. You get a sportsbook, a casino, and a racebook. You are in control of all lines and odds, but they are also set for you. You can be operational in a day or two for no upfront cost. Call Realbookies the best PPH today and turn this year around.

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