What is a Round Robin & How to Bet Them

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Round Robin Bets are a Fun Wager

Without a doubt, the most poorly understood and under-utilized wager is the Round Robin. It’s a great way to maximize profits and minimize risks to your bankroll. While it can seem intimidating, it’s not as complicated as you think. There are a lot of different kinds of wagers, most predominantly straight wagers and parlays.


Here’s how to bet round robins and a few situations when they could be a great option to cash in on some sports bets.

What is a Round Robin?

A round robin is very similar to a parlay in that you’re wagering on two or more bets at one time. The difference is that the multiple legs in the round-robin bet don’t all have to hit to win.

Team A, B, and C are +1, +2, and -3, respectively.

With a traditional three-team parlay, a bet of $50 would need all three teams to cover.

In a round robin, you bet a little more, but you get a better chance of winning. So you would multiply your $50 three times to create three different pairings of the three-teamer.

So A + B, A + C, and B + C would be the possible combinations for the round robin. However, you would be risking $150 total, rather than just $50.

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But, the odds of victory are better since it’s possible that the greater number of combinations will survive, but if two legs in the bets lose, you’ll see no profit.

The whole benefit of the round robin over the traditional parlay is it lets you force-multiply your wagers with a better chance of winning than a parlay. However, you’re capped at a far lower potential number of winnings versus a parlay. Learning these concepts will make you a smarter bettor.

Long-shot parlays could land you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the odds of hitting those are extremely low. With round robins, you’re making it a lot easier for yourself, and they can make it a lot of fun if there are multiple games on the board that you like.

In essence, think of them as multiple straight bets tied to get with slightly higher payouts and greater risk reduction than traditional parlays.

When to Bet Round Robins

If you like betting sports where there are massive slates on a given day, think the opening round of March Madness or the opening week of NFL football, a round robin is a great bet to get in on the action throughout multiple times of the day.

You’ll be able to multiply your sports wagering by tying it to different games. All you have to do is spend some time and learn to bet like a pro. With the use of the round-robin betting style, you can tie different wagers together, all while minimizing your risk. 

You should also bet them in any instance where you like a lot of possible outcomes but don’t want to take on the traditional risk of a parlay. Totals, spreads, and moneylines are all in play, so don’t be shy about wagering on all of them if you really like your odds.

With a round robin, it will ensure you like your odds even more.

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