MLB Trade deadline was all we could expect and more

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2021 MLB Trade Deadline Moves

Many Good Moves at MLB Trade Deadline

It’s that time of the year again, the MLB All-Star week is well behind, we’re well into the second half of the regular season, and teams are now looking forward to getting all the help they can and finish off their season as strong as possible.

The trade deadline was at 4:00 pm E.T. on Friday, July 30th, one day before usual, and there was a lot to talk about, as we saw some major blockbuster trades, in which a few teams got everything they needed and maybe a little bit more, while others, like the Cubs, for example, basically gave up their best players and gave away their season.

Who were the biggest winners on the MLB trade deadline?

There were four teams that got a major push, and we can certainly expect to see them in the postseason, as they not only got very good deals, but they are also some of the best in the league so far this season.

The San Francisco Giants acquired Kris Bryant, from the Chicago Cubs, a real nightmare for Cubs fans for sure, as he has been one of the team’s top players for years. Bryant now joins the team with the best record in the league as of the trade deadline, San Francisco with a 64-38 mark, on top of no others than the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, two of the biggest favorites to make it to the World Series.

Javier Baez, another Cubs big name, was sent to the New York Mets, leaders in the NL East with a 54-48 record, on top of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves, with 51 wins each on the date of the deadline.

The LA Dodgers, MLB’s defending champs, got a major boost from the Washington Nationals, acquiring not one, but two major names, Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. The Dodgers have had a great season so far, but that hasn’t been enough to take the San Francisco Giants down from the top of the table in the NL West. Now they get two phenomenal pieces to try to fight back in what’s left of the regular season.

Last but not least, and among a very long list of trades that took place on this trade deadline day, we must mention the New York Yankees getting lots of fire power in Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo. In fact, they both made their debut with the Yankees that same day, and Rizzo even hit a home run in the Yankees 3-1 win over the Miami Marlins.

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Other trades worth mentioning:

–          Chicago White Sox acquired Craig Kimbrel, from the Chicago Cubs.

–          Toronto Blue Jays acquired Jose Berrios from the Minnesota Twins.

–          Boston Red Sox acquired Kyle Schwarber from the Washington Nationals.

–          Oakland Athletics acquired Starling Marte from the Miami Marlins.

–          A few days ago, but worth mentioning, the Tampa Bay Rays acquired veteran Nelson Cruz from the Minnesota Twins.

These and many more moves happened in the MLB during these past few days. Now let’s wait and see which team can make the best out of their big trades, and which will be able to clinch their playoff spot first.

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