What is a Prop Bet?

Last updated on January 30th, 2022 at 06:51 pm

Most of you who are into sports betting tend to focus on the most popular types of bets. You have the moneyline, the spread, and totals. These bets are very exciting, and you can win a lot if you consistently are able to predict outcomes well. But there are more to be found in your sportsbook. In fact, those who are learning how to be a bookie often get a crash course on all of the possible wagers that they will be offering to their players. And one of the most popular, is a prop bet. But what exactly is a prop bet?

Most of the sports bets that you come across are relative to the result of the game. You pick who will win a game, the margins by which a game will be won, and the total score at the end of the game. Parlays are mostly a combination of these wagers. These are more complicated, which we will be helping you understand in future tutorials. But Prop bets, or proposition bets, are more of propositions to a bettor. For example, a prop bet on the NFL can ask you if you think Tom Brady can throw more than 300 yards.

Prop Bets

What is a Prop Bet?Prop bets are about the game, but nothing directly related to the outcome of the game itself. Prop bets can be specific- like how many rebounds a player can make in a game. The prop bets can get as weird as it can be, with the bookies’ creativity the limit. And thanks to sportsbook pay per head providers, bookies can easily come up with the craziest prop bets you can imagine.

Prop bets are fun to make, and often requires more than just your basic guessing skills. Prop bets can be about passing or rushing yards in football, yes/no bets for hitters to get a home run in baseball, and the like. Prop bets are usually posted closer to the game itself, and the limits are usually low. Lines move for these bets too, so timing is also a factor in getting good value in betting. Of course, your prop bet could get cancelled, and your money returned. This will happen if a player ends up not playing during that game, or something similar. If you want to expand your wagering aside from the basic wagers, then head on to your bookie’s pay per head sportsbook and start looking at prop bets.


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