All 3 Saints QBs Return an Unlikely Scenario

All 3 Saints QBs Return an Unlikely Scenario

Last updated on March 11th, 2020 at 04:54 pm

New Orleans coach Sean Payton was fortunate to have an excellent quarterback roster in 2019. However, it seems like all 3 Saints QBs will not be together next season. Payton relied on all three quarterbacks to make it through last season.

Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill, and Drew Brees each had a role in the team’s success. Brees continued to be the veteran leader of the squad. Bridgewater filled in for Brees for six games when the latter was out due to an injury. Hill was the all-around QB whom Payton utilized in specific scenarios.

Payton praised Bridgewater’s performance as Bree’s substitute. Also, he said that Hill would eventually become a starter in the NFL. However, all three Saints QBs are not under contract this year.

3 Saints QBs

All 3 Saints QBs Return an Unlikely ScenarioNew Orleans is still waiting for Brees’ decision on his future in the league. The team already talked with him about his plans, and they know that the star quarterback wants to spend more time with his family.

Payton told a sports betting forum that he appreciates the season they had with all three quarterbacks. He is waiting for Brees to make his decision before planning for the next season. If Bree decides to retire, then the Saints will pursue Bridgewater.

Football betting experts were surprised with Bridgewater’s performance as Brees’ substitute. Payton knows Bridgewater can find work as a starting QB in the NFL if Bridgewater decides to return for another year.

In the case of Hill, he can keep his role as the back-up quarterback of the Saints. Sports betting tutorials and news sites stated that Hill might be a potential starter in the future. For now, he can hone his skills as a standby quarterback for the Saints or in another team that might take him during the free agency period.

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