2017 K League Salaries and Payroll

Last updated on December 21st, 2018 at 05:30 pm

The 2017 K League Salaries and Payroll report is finally out.  Once again, the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors is the Korean professional football club with the highest payroll.  According to the k League patrol reports, they lead the league with ₩ 15,661,972 for the 2017 payroll.

Of course, this does not surprise any K League fan because they have been the dominant team for the past four seasons.  Thus, it is only natural that they would also spend the most money on their players.  Furthermore,  Jeonbuk spent 60% more on salaries than any other then FC Seoul who spent the second most on salaries.

The sum that Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors paid in rewards is better than the whole finance of best division club Gwangju. According to our soccer news team, it is likewise proportionate to the aggregate of rewards paid by every one of the 9 second division groups.

2017 K League Payroll Analysis

2017 K League Salaries and PayrollFurthermore, the 9 top spending clubs, 8 are upheld by an organization or chaebol, with the prominent exemption being Gangwon. The advanced club’s enormous spending binge in the previous Winter Transfer Window giving them a finance of ₩6 billion won.  This is amazingly huge for an administration claimed club in an association whose best sides depend on corporate proprietorship. Seoul E-Land, in the interim, came close to the base of the table.

In the principal division, the main 6 spending sides (notwithstanding barring rewards) completing over the split and in the best 6. On the other hand, the last 6 teams on the list also had a season finish underneath the split.

Incheon and Gwangju both went out on a limb this year – by not contributing. Both transfer sides spent less cash on compensations than three second-level clubs. For Gwangju, absence of venture would see them in relegation. Yet Incheon by one way or another foresaw how to beat the chances for one more close, completing a strong ninth.

In any case, the principal thing we saw is how most groups had season ranking matching their payroll ranking. Thus, 9 of the 11 Classic clubs had season ranking up inside 1 put between the two rankings. Furthermore, Ulsan wound up completing fifth after the split at any rate. Things were somewhat more differed in the Challenge.

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