NFL Unclear Stance on Gambling

Last updated on December 16th, 2019 at 02:50 pm

The NFL unclear stance on gambling has baffled several sports and gambling observers. Although the league is against gambling, it is trying to make deals from gambling companies. In recent sports news headlines, the league suspended Arizona’s Josh Shaw for betting on several NFL games.

Shaw was in the wrong for breaking league rules on betting on games. Thus, he needs to be punished. However, many bookie pay per head analysts feel that the punishment was too severe. Shaw said he didn’t know he was breaking any rules and didn’t try to hide his sports betting activities.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told pay per head reviews and news sites that he was shocked to find gambling within the league. He added that the success of the NFL relies on everyone safeguarding the integrity of the game. Also, he wants players and team staff to maintain good reputations.

NFL Unclear Stance on Sports Betting

NFL Unclear Stance on GamblingWhenever NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks about gambling, he always brings up the word integrity. He uses the word many times in a single statement. All employees of the league can’t bet on the league, including fantasy football leagues that have a payout of more than $250.

What does DraftKings have to say about the league’s stance on gambling? Two team owners, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones are investors of the company. Also, DraftKings and FanDuel have sponsorship deals with almost all teams in the league.

Sports betting has become mainstream that gambling news sites said that pro leagues and betting sites could earn a lot. Thus, the NFL is doing its best to get its share of the profits. If the association cares about the integrity of the sport, maybe it should open a sportsbook with no vig and offers the best odds in the market.